long time no blog

blog,photos 21 October 2010 | Comments Off

Ok, so my brilliant supermama friend @ babeandthebeast inspired me to nurture the mama blogger in me. Now I find myself up too late, shiny new theme installed, wondering what on earth I’m getting myself into. Perhaps I should start by setting your expectations.

  1. I am way less tech-savvy (that’s still a thing, right?) than I was pre-mamahood. I don’t know the difference between a tag and a category, a trackback and a tumblog, a plugin and a widget. I just want to write stuff and have it look nice, ok?
  2. I am a terrible writer. It takes me much longer than it should to craft the briefest of emails before hitting “Send” and don’t even get me started on the meticulous tweets I’ve never twittered. Accept that I’ll have bouts of blogger’s block.
  3. Let’s be honest: I will mostly just rave about my tot. If this interests you, then people get ready, there’s a train a comin’.

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