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Tonight I imported the entries from 2007 when we were trying to conceive. There weren’t many, and there is a huge gap between them and my pregnancy. The process was nerve racking to blog about, and felt too personal at the time. We tried for about six months and it wasn’t happening. I had never paid much attention to my cycles before and I was frustrated at how long and irregular they were.

Then after about five months, I got a bacterial infection on my leg (be careful where you get a pedicure!) and the doctor gave me antibiotics that weren’t safe for pregnancy. I would take them for nearly six months! When I finally stopped them and we started trying again I was sure it would take another six months or more, or that it would just never happen.

Impatient already that my first cycle was taking too long, I planned to call my midwife (who was my ob gyn) the following day to make an appointment to see what’s wrong. I thought, well of course she is going to ask if I’m pregnant so I’d better take a test to show her that I’m not. I took the test as I was getting ready for work, a day when I had an early meeting. My husband slept while I peed on a stick, my solid belief that the outcome was going to be the same as it always was before: Sorry, please try again. When I saw the results–Pregnant–I gasped loudly and my husband woke up. “It says… It’s… It’s…” I stammered, in utter disbelief. “You’re pregnant,” he said plainly. Me: “Yeah! Why aren’t you surprised?!” Him: “I knew it.” Well, that made one of us. I had to take another test but there was no time. I could barely process the results before I was out the door to my meeting. I don’t even remember how the meeting went, but I’m quite certain I smiled a lot. I’d planned to go home during lunch to take another test, but I couldn’t wait. As soon as my meeting was over I returned home and got the same beautiful results.

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