somebody miles above you

travel 5 November 2010 | Comments Off

Right now I’m on a flight to Seattle to visit a friend. It’s not my first trip without Boden (my second actually) but it’s just as daunting. I tried to extend our cuddle time this morning to ease the anxiety of leaving, but he preferred to go watch Yo Gabba Gabba. Me: Mommy’s going on a plane today. B: Okay! I want more milk. Me: You’re going to stay here with Daddy and Mommy will be back soon. B: My penguin is upside down, it’s silly!

My big plans for the weekend: We will leisurely shop! We will go to a movie without arranging it weeks in advance! We will have a meal at a restaurant without crayons on the table! We will stay out late enough for cars to turn on their headlights!

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