things that happened on our winter break

blog 1 January 2011 | Comments Off

  1. Made a super delicious Trader Joe’s recipe: Cowgirl Caviar. Invite me to your next potluck to judge for yourself.
  2. Paired the above with my poor girl’s virgin mimosa: Ginger ale and OJ
  3. Played Rockband on Wii for the first time. Bohemian Rhapsody vocals were involved.
  4. TiVo’s season pass to Dora the Explorer failed us big time. The horror!
  5. Christmas tree was taken down while Boden napped. He blamed the kitty cat for it’s disappearance. (We don’t have a cat?)
  6. Santa and his elves (you know who you are) brought Boden a train table, a lightweight electric guitar, more Legos, a toy car ramp, a new potty, some clothes from Bowdoin college, a piano mat, a LittlePeople nativity set, a Brobee pillow, a Dora & Diego toothbrush, and much much more.
  7. Boden burst into tears the morning of Dec 26th upon being told there were no more presents under the tree.
  8. Discovered the wonders of Playdoh on a rainy day.
  9. Went to the Children’s Discovery museum on probably the busiest day ever. Or perhaps every visit feels that way.
  10. Spur of the moment drive through the Fantasy of Lights display in Vasona Park, so great. Boden couldn’t stop talking about the dinosaurs, which were indeed the most remarkable part.
  11. Took US weekly’s Which Kardashian Are You? quiz (answer: Khloe).
  12. Did the above while getting my highlights touched up.
  13. Celebrated NYE (Noon Year’s Eve) with Boden at the Hiller Aviation museum. Balloon drop, countdown and all!
  14. Watched blueberries dancing in my champagne glass from my cozy couch. Happy New Year!

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