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38 weeks – an early debut

birth,nursery,pregnancy,third trimester 11 January 2009 | Comments Off

  1. Biggest news first… I am being induced tonight or tomorrow morning!  The doctor has some concerns about my blood pressure and now that I’m full term she says there’s no benefit to waiting any longer.  I went in on Thursday night to get things started but didn’t show enough progress so they wanted me to come back tonight instead.
  2. The baby’s nursery is finally ready!  (Just in time.)
  3. Acupuncture is awesome.  I’ve been going for the past two weeks to try and prepare my body for what it’s about to do. 

We’ll update from the hospital when we have time and news to share…

happy third trimester to me!

nursery,shopping,third trimester 6 November 2008 | 1 Comment

Thanks to Unky Lama for the fabulous stroller and car seat! And I found a smokin’ deal on a baby monitor at Target a few days ago. (75% off!)

nursery in progress

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While we’re anxiously awaiting the ultrasound…

I thought you might like to see the contents of the nursery-to-be!