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babyfoo @ 18 wks, the movie

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baby on the move

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Nineteen week update!  I feel the baby moving pretty much every day now.  The most prominently when I was 1) eating spicy salsa and 2) when I was in a room with really loud music.

Our ultrasound on Monday was amazing!  We got a good look at baby’s arms–complete with elbows, hands, and fingers.    Those little legs and feet have developed a lot since last time we peeked.  They were completely outstretched as if standing up!   And his or her lovely heartbeat is still beating strong.

We looked away while the technician checked for the sex, and baby cooperated so she got a good look. And then the results were sealed in an envelope for us to open on Sunday afternoon.  Surprisingly we haven’t been too tempted to open it up.  We’re afraid to watch the ultrasound video in case we accidently see something!

We’ll update again on Sunday…

fun and games

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Tomorrow is our ultrasound appointment where we can find out the sex of the baby.  Since our family has a get-together planned this coming weekend, we decided to be clever about the results.  We’re going to ask the doctor to put a blue or pink ribbon in a sealed envelope that we won’t open until the family is together.  We’ll be posting the results here on Sunday afternoon.  Fun!

babyfoo @ 12 wks, the movie

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meet the babyfoo!

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Today we got to see babyfoo’s tiny heartbeat, it was a strong 170 bps!  Our due date is projected to be January 23, 2009.  Daddyfoo seems like a happy, proud papa.   I am feeling good, a little nausea here and there and some bouts of fatigue. Last week I had a three-day headache because I cut out caffeine but thankfully that’s over.  I have been having food cravings and aversions.  Craving pickles and tuna.  The thought and sight of orange juice makes me feel extra queasy.