38 weeks – an early debut

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  1. Biggest news first… I am being induced tonight or tomorrow morning!  The doctor has some concerns about my blood pressure and now that I’m full term she says there’s no benefit to waiting any longer.  I went in on Thursday night to get things started but didn’t show enough progress so they wanted me to come back tonight instead.
  2. The baby’s nursery is finally ready!  (Just in time.)
  3. Acupuncture is awesome.  I’ve been going for the past two weeks to try and prepare my body for what it’s about to do. 

We’ll update from the hospital when we have time and news to share…

happy and healthy

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At last, we have a blender, people!

We chose our doula! Hooray for that. Our hope is go through early labor at home and go to the hospital once I’ve progressed enough to avoid too many restrictions or interventions. Believe me, I’m looking forward to an epidural but I don’t want my labor progress or freedom of movement to be hindered by having it too early. Not only do we love our doula, but by all accounts we are lucky to have a very well-respected midwife and a highly capable doctor so I know we will be in good hands no matter what.

Today I had my second non-stress test in two weeks and again everything went really well. They attached some external monitors to my belly and recorded the baby’s heart rate over a period of twenty minutes, looking for a healthy baseline and some accelerations. It was really nice to sit and listen to baby’s heart for such a long time all by myself. And when he gave me a little kick I would both feel it and hear it.

I was happily surprised that my blood pressure was actually 120/70 instead of the usual high 130′s/high 80′s. I ordered a home BP monitor so I can track it myself as my due date gets closer. It would be fantastic for my BP to stabilize before my due date so I’m less likely to be induced.

It was nice to work from home today, I’ve missed that the past few weeks and I’m starting to really need it. Lately around 3 pm my belly begins to feel really tight and heavy. It continues to feel worse until I can get home and lay down. Luckily my maternity leave begins on Dec 24th. It will be a fine Merry Christmas to me and babyfoo!

hiccups and doulas

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Two nights in a row our Babyfoo has treated me to hiccups in utero! Luckily they haven’t lasted very long and I think the first time I actually fell asleep to them. As someone who really hates having hiccups myself, they weren’t that bad. I just hoped they didn’t bother him.

We met with some doulas today to see if we want to have one attending our birth. I’m not completely decisive one way or the other, but we agree it would be a relief and a luxury to have someone we’re comfortable with, and who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to coach us through delivering our first baby. We’ll have a few more interviews before we decide for sure.

Only four more weeks until I start my maternity leave! Even less since next week is a partial holiday. Which will be great because I feel like I haven’t had *time* to have the urge to nest yet.

happy third trimester to me!

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Thanks to Unky Lama for the fabulous stroller and car seat! And I found a smokin’ deal on a baby monitor at Target a few days ago. (75% off!)

second trimester… and counting

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Not much in the way of updates, other than I am much bigger and far less graceful at 26 weeks now. According to my whacky size chart, baby boy foo is halfway between a box of facial tissue and a load of bread. 

I have been experiencing some new and exciting side effects of pregnancy:

  • Allergies
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Heartburn (plus acid reflux!)
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure

The latter I am going to see the doctor about on Monday just to make sure everything is okay.  Regardless of my growing complaints, I’m thankful they are safely treatable I am still very much enjoying my pregnancy. In early November, we have our birthing prep class and labor workshop.    Exciting!

babyfoo @ 18 wks, the movie

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nursery in progress

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While we’re anxiously awaiting the ultrasound…

I thought you might like to see the contents of the nursery-to-be!